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In the digital age, Web Design plays a crucial role in how potential clients perceive your business. A Fully Custom Website with a Professional Design can help make a huge difference in your online presence.

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A Simple, Unique Approach to Web Design and App Development

As a web agency, okidoki.media understand that designing websites is more than just creating a visually attractive site. It involves developing color schemes, typography, and the overall layout to provide a seamless user experience.

Our unique approach to web development involves creating quality Custom Websites that are not only visually appealing but also functional for the customer. We know that any initial visitor to your landing page is a potential customer. 

We offer to build the following type of websites for you

  • One-page
  • Multi-page
  • Small Business
  • Corporate
  • E-commerce and Shopping
  • Booking or Tours

Choose Responsive Mobile Website Design

We stay up to date with current trends and best practices in both Japanese and English. This includes understanding the importance of SEO Optimization and creating Mobile-Friendly websites. Our websites are designed to look great across all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile). Unlike other design studios, we create websites with this service included in all of our projects. A responsive page will always rank higher than a company that doesn’t include mobile site programming as part of its web solution.

SEO Strategy Help For Web Development

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a crucial role in modern web development. Simply put, a well-optimized homepage and website can achieve top Search Engine rankings, driving more organic traffic to your site. We also use many tools to monitor the performance of your site (Google Analytics app, Google Search Console, etc.) and can quickly give you data and offer advice on where to focus your digital marketing power. 

Please check out our SEO Packages and Pricing.

Low Cost Content Creation and Visual Style Elements

High-quality Content is essential for any website but not out of reach cost-wise. We, of course, have services that include using premium photos, videos, and professionally-designed icons to enhance your content. We also can help with written content and branding for businesses that need it at an affordable price. 

Please check out our Content Creation Packages and Pricing.

Website Server System Management and Client Support in Japan

Effective Website Management involves easy self-editing and publishing capabilities through a simple CMS (Content Management System). It also includes ongoing support and fast turnaround for any website requests. Add in SSL certificates, Security Checks, High-Speed Cloud Hosting, Uptime Monitoring, Change Detection, Updates, Bot Monitoring, and Analytics Tracking, and it becomes quite the task for any company out there not knowing what they are doing.

We find our popular Web Care Plan (charged monthly) is a single, low cost solution that allows us to make our clients happy and give them peace of mind that their homepage is in good secure hands without having to do all the backend work themselves.

Also, check out our Web Care Package and Pricing.

Additional Services from okidoki.media Web Design Agency

We also provide additional digital marketing services such as 
English and Japanese language copywriting and translation
Multilanguage Websites for Japan
Website Renewals
– and Social Media Account Operation just to name a few. 

You can, of course, check all of our packages and pricing here or get in touch so we can help build your brand and achieve success with the attainable goal of a quality digital marketing solution in your industry. 

Check out our recent blogs here on all of the above topics and current web design Japan trends. Also click on our Social Media to see what we are up to in and around the community here in Nago City, Okinawa, Japan.

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A: okidoki.media build a variety of websites including one-page, multi-page, small business, corporate, e-commerce, shopping, school, booking, and tours websites.

A: okidoki.media stay up to date with current best practices, which include creating mobile-friendly sites. They are designed to look great across all devices – desktop, tablet, and mobile. The reason is to ensure higher Google, yahoo, and Bing rankings.

A: SEO optimization plays a crucial role in okidoki.media’s process. They understand that a well-optimized homepage can achieve top search engine rankings, which drives more organic traffic to your site. There are various tools to monitor the performance of your site and provide data and advice on where to focus your digital marketing efforts.

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